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You will find articles on the Crespi Hicks estate, articles and photographs on the original Crespi Estate and over 300 photographs illustrating the Crespi-Hicks home.

Who Purchased Crespi Hicks Estate?

After the years’ expectation that Andy Beal would purchase the Crespi Estate, Andy Beal successfully negotiated the purchase of this Preston Hollow estate home.

Private Air on Cover Reveals Crespi Hicks As Finest Estate home in America

Private Air Luxury Homes is provided to private jet travelers, an audience shared with Douglas Newby.

Crespi Hicks Designed by Maurice Fatio

Architect Maurice Fatio designed the Crespi Estate was considered the nation's best estate architect in the 1920's and the 1930's. Maurice Fatio was best known for his work in New York and Palm Beach and the Crespi home, the last great estate home he designed.

Crespi Hicks is Found in Preston Hollow Neighborhood

The estate neighborhood of Preston Hollow is the perfect location for the estate - Crespi Hicks. The Crepi Hicks renovation architect was Peter Marino. For the Crespi Hicks estate, Peter Marino furthered the proportions and refinement of architect Maurice Fatio.

The Largest Estate Properties are Found in Mayflower Estates

Crespi Hicks Estate benefits from the  seclusion and topography of Mayflower Estates.

Crespi Hicks Defines Architecturally Significant

The Crespi Hicks Estate is the lens through which to look at other Architecturally Significant Homes.

History of Crespi Estate

The origin of the Crespi Hicks estate home begins with the Crespi Estate.

Crespi Hicks For Sale

Crespi Hicks offered for sale is found on Featured Listings of Significant Homes.

Crespi-Hicks Has Modern Floor Plan

The Crespi Hicks Estate is divided into three structures, allowing each room to be filled with sunlight.

Crespi Hicks in President Bush Neighborhood

Crespi Hicks is found in the neighborhood of President and Mrs. George W. Bush.

Crespi Hicks is Announced For Sale in the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post was the first to announce that the Crespi Hicks Estate was being offered for sale.

Huffington Post Identifies Crespi Hicks as Finest Estate Home in America

An article in the describes the criteria for the finest estate homes.

Crespi Hicks Video

This video on the Crespi Hicks explains the relationship of the architect and architecture with the land.

Original Crespi Estate

The origin of Crespi Hicks was the Crespi Estate designed by Maurice Fatio

Crespi Hicks Has Most Value of Any Property Offered For Sale

Many consider Crespi-Hicks to have the most potential appreciation because of its architectural pedigree and the Crespi Hicks', 25 acre estate property.

Crespi Hicks Finest Estate Home in America

See over 300 photographs of Crespi Hicks.

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